My name is JayR deGuzman. I am a single person within the tricking community, based in the Bay Area of California, who wants to spread the sport of tricking for what it is. Most of my clothing designs were inspired by the idea of how to portray what tricking is outside of the gym (or wherever you train or trick).

The goal of all the designs offered by Tricking Apparel is to portray Trickers and Tricking for what it is. Whether you do martial arts, kick, flip, or twist your body, if you TRICK, let people know that's what you do and not anything else.

I also host an online series of Tricking Tutorials to help beginners get into tricking, or people who need help with specific tricks.

Tricking Tutorials:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an e-mail or get in contact with me through my other social networking sites.